Cheap Mini Dirt Bikes For Kids

Buying cheap mini dirt bikes is a great way to build confidence, balance, and coordination for your child. There are hundreds of mini bikes for sale, so it is important to find one that matches the skill level of your child. Listed below are some popular model choices.

Yamaha PW50
Price: $1,199
Engine: 49cc
Seat Height: 9.1 inches
Transmission: Single speed automatic

The PW50 features a twist-and-go throttle to make riding easy. If you are looking for cheap mini dirt bikes from a reputable manufacturer, the PW50 is one of the best prices available. The bike’s speed is fairly slow, making it the perfect choice for amateur riders. The PW50 features ultimate safety options, including an adjustable stop screw for the throttle to control the bike’s speed. Large footholds are also added for easy grip.

Honda CRF50F
Price: $1,499
Engine: 49cc 4-Stroke
Seat Height: 21.6 inches
Transmission: 3-speed automatic clutch

The CRF50F’s smooth engine is a perfect starting bike for any rider over the age of 13. The strong engine and suspension are durable enough to hold against any damage caused by off-road riding. The automatic clutch can be shifted by the toe of the rider, making transmission changing simply for inexperienced riders.

Suzuki RM85
Price: $3,699
Engine: 84.7cc Case-Reed
Seat Height: 33.5 Inch
Transmission: 6-speed

Although the RM85 can be driven by new riders, it is best suited for intermediate and advanced levels. The two-stroke engine provides awesome fun for the leap over a trench and riding around in off-road. The clutch lever also provides precise and easy leverage. You will need to pay top dollar for the RM85, but it is certainly worth it if your child is interested in serious off-road biking.

Kawasaki KX65
Price: $3,499
Engine: 64.7cc
Seat Height: 29.9 inch
Transmission: 6-speed

The KX65 has an extremely light frame, allowing the bike to reach impressive speeds. This machine can be used both as a training bike and a regular off-roader, thanks to the 64cc engine. It may be required to get a license in some areas if the engine is over 50cc, so remember to check the rules for your area.

Price: $3,698
Engine: 49cc
Seat Height: 26.93 inches
Transmission: Single gear automatic

The KTM 50SX features quality safety components, including padded aluminum handlebars. The automatic power clutch and the linear engine will allow riders to adjust the bike to suit their driving style. This bike can be used for any child between the ages of 6 to 14.


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