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The first obstacle to riding dirt bikes for kids is not choosing bikes or getting the right gear, in fact, it is coming to terms with the fact that kids are active by nature and they shall get hurt regardless of the sport they engage in. Generally, the wives get too anxious upon hearing the words dirt bikes and kids together in the same sentence. This attitude has got to change because fear begets fear. If anyone of the parent is fearful then the child shall inculcate fear too, which by the way is not all that healthy for learning the sport of motocross. The best advice in this matter is to get a dirt bike for the misses too! Yes, it works, once she has gotten to enjoy the sport just as you do, she shall find the meaning in getting your kids trained too.

Razor MX350

 Razor MX350

Once the misses is out of the way, you can then start preparing your kid to ride dirt bikes. Remember that the earlier kids start riding the easier it is to teach them as younger kids listen more attentively. As parents, you need to ensure that your kid is ready to ride before actually handing over the keys to the bike. Hence, the first thing to do is to teach your 3-year-old how to ride a BMX or a bicycle without the training wheels on. Once he is cruising through the neighborhood on his engineless bike, it is time to migrate to dirt bikes for kids.

The best starter bike is the Razor MX350 electric dirt bike. This is ideal for average size kids below age 7. While this bike may seem puny to your eyes do not be fooled by its meager size. Provide all protective gears to your kid if you do not want to see them get cuts and bruises. This is a dangerous sport and by no means should be taken lightly. The right elbow pads, knee pads, and helmet are all important. Some protective gears may come over $200 but make that expenditure if you wish to see your kid hale and hearty after every riding session. For older kids, the Razor MX500 and Razor MX650 are perfect. They pack a slightly greater punch and are taller than the MX350.


Now that you have got the right gear and the right bike, let them practice braking and accelerating on a dead bike before you let them power it up. A couple of dry runs should inculcate the notion of braking without looking for the brakes and be accelerating through turns without thinking about it. Once, they seem ready, let them just power up towards you in a straight line and stop near you. This is the best training they shall get. Afterward, they can take off on their own and cruise over flat dirt tracks or through the neighborhood.

The best thing about such electric dirt bikes is that the speed is limited to at most 20mph, which is safe for kids. However, even adults can get bruises at such speeds if they are not careful.

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