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Protective gear is an important part of bike riding and this factor was stressed more than enough in a previous post. However, in this post, we shall take a closer look at what is necessary for kids when they start riding out on electric dirt bikes.

The first consideration to take in is the capacity of the bike, which directly translates to the maximum speed that it can reach on a straight road. Unlike gas-powered bikes that take time to reach their top speeds these tiny beasts notch up their limits almost instantly. Since the speeds are limited at always below 20 miles per hour, one may be inclined to think that they are harmless. However, for a child, such speeds can result in bone-breaking crashes if they are not wearing the right gear. By right gear, one does not mean body armor and bullet-resistant helmets rather it is a combination of easily found protective gears that one can purchase from the local kid’s cycle store.

dirt bikes for kids


Some manufacturers of electric dirt bikes for kids would love you to buy a motocross helmet along with the bike for your kid but such an expensive purchase is not required as these helmets are made to withstand crashes that result from jumps gone wrong. As these Razor electric vehicles can only notch up 20 miles at most, jumps are next to impossible. Hence, the best helmets are those used by bicycle riders. These are open-faced, jawless helmets that simply cover the head completely in a multi-layered structure. The outer surface must be tough and abrasive while the inner layers must be comfortable and cozy. Ensure that the helmet you get has sufficient holes, pegs or cuts on them to allow them to breathe.


More than the head, the joints are at danger when a kid drives these electric beasts around. Although dirt bikes for kids are mentioned fit for 10 years and above, they are mostly purchased for under 10-year-olds as that is the age group which finds these bikes attractive. At this age, the joints are underdeveloped and cannot withstand simple pressure. Any crash that puts direct pressure on joints can result in broken bones or at least scrapes. Get BMX cycle pads that come with hard outer casing and a soft pad inside it for your kid. These can be bought as a set of four and should save you a few quids.


The moment the bike falls over, the first thing to come in contact with the ground is the foot region. To protect against bruises and scratches on the foot, ensure that your kid wears an ankle-high shoe that is soft and yet absorptive of impacts. Most sports shoes for kids are ankle high and should fit the bill.

Florescent Stripes

Although this particular equipment does not directly protect the child, it does play a very pivotal role when he decides to sneak the bike out in the night. Buy some florescent tape that can go easily on his riding jacket so that he lights up from behind as a sore thumb and serves as a warning to any cars or vehicles behind him.

The protective gears that have been described above are all easy to get and should not cost more than $100 in all. Furthermore, the bikes should be regularly checked for their brake grip and tire life as these two factors also play a major role in ensuring the safety of your child. If the tires look worn out then get them replaced and if the brake shoe is finished then it would be better to get new ones rather than to keep using them until they are completely exhausted.


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