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Anyone who drives a gasoline powered bike or an off-road vehicle knows just how much gas these beasts guzzle up. The times have changed and the need of the day is to save fuel so that our future generations can have enough to enjoy the vices of life that we have taken for granted today.

While some of us simply do not like the feel or the speed limitations on electric vehicles others love to believe that electric vehicles lack the sound that makes gasoline vehicles so powerful. Regardless of the reason as to why we still choose to use gasoline vehicles, we can at least try to change this pattern in our descendants.

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How Can Green An Electric Vehicle Be?

Through careful research conducted by independent research facilities the world over, it was shown that electric powered vehicles that run only on battery power save fossil fuel by up to 50% and reduce the release of greenhouse gases by up to 80% because the only time that they are doing both is when they are getting charged. Unfortunately, charging is dependent on electricity that feeds our homes and this comes directly from power stations of which most are fossil powered. Therefore, the consumption of power per hour is the reason why these products are not entirely environment-friendly. The only vehicle that is 100% environment-friendly is the good old bicycle.

However, the amount of energy one can save by simply using an electric dirt bike is quite substantial to ingrain the idea of electricity over gasoline in the young minds of kids. As parents, if we can all manage to do this then our future generation shall have sufficient fossil reserves to survive another century or so before alternative sources can be finally extracted efficiently.

Razor Bikes And Their Pro Green Stance

Razor’s electric dirt bike variants are made for kids and they are 100% free from any gas or fossil fuel dependency. In fact, the vehicles from Razor are made to run on battery power alone. Such a move by the company has been taken because it wishes to promote the green power associated with battery power.

In its endeavor to go green, the company has pelted out over 20 such electric products that all run on rechargeable battery power. They offer electric kids scooters, drifters, dune buggies, dirt bikes, scooters and much more. All of these products are 100% environment-friendly while being fast enough. Although the company targets its products towards 13 plus years in the electric segment, it makes its electric devices for kids much below this age.

The entire line up of its high power kids vehicles is composed of only electric drive motor vehicles that usually depend on 12 Volt Lead-acid accumulators to operate. Take the case of its Pocket Rocket series. This speedster is designed to replicate the looks of a superbike and even boasts of a similar seating position. However, one look at its engine reveals that it is an electric vehicle.

In Conclusion

Razor dirt bikes for kids are a great example through which they can have fun while learning to be responsible for the environment. With two lead acid batteries powering it, it delivers a good 15 miles to the hour for an extended period of 30 minutes or 10 miles. Compare it with a tiny dirt bike powered by gasoline and you shall understand the harm that is caused to the environment.

It may not be in our nature to accept of changes in this matter but considering the damage to the environment that we are causing by not claiming responsibility, it may be time that we amend our ways of life. So, why not start with your kids by teaching them about the importance of saving the environment, our mother nature!


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