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Dirt bike racing is not just a pass time and recreational sport for adults, it can also be enjoyed to the fullest extent by kids. Children as young as 5 years old too can ride on their very own dirt bikes and take in the pleasure of pumping adrenaline through their tiny bodies as they cruise along flat tracks. Yes, there is a risk associated with dirt bikes for kids but it is just as grave as the risk associated with football or any other tamer sport. If the right safety rules are inculcated into the head of a youngster, he or she shall grow up to be a responsible rider. The following advice should come handy for parents considering getting a dirt bike for their youngsters.

dirt bikes for kids

First Generate Interest
You as a parent may be highly enthusiastic about riding on dirt and blazing through trails but if your kid lacks the same passion then searching dirt bikes for kids shall be futile. First, generate the same level of excitement in the young one genuinely before you consider breaking them into this sport. Take them to a few race events, let them watch you ride out and above all try to avoid getting into nasty crashes in front of their precious eyes.

Let Your Kid Choose
At the end of the day, it is your kid who shall ride that bike. It does not make any sense purchasing one without his consensus. Let him sit on a few different bikes of the same category and a few from a higher class. Notice those bikes that offer him the right height for both his feet to be touching with the ground. Just the toes touching the ground are more than enough. It has been observed that the Razor MX350 is ideal for kids below the age of 8 thanks to its lower frame height and a lower wattage motor. The battery pack keeps a charge up to 45 minutes. For taller and older riders, the MX500 and MX650 from Razor are great bikes.

Provide The Complete Gear
Many a parent overlooks this part of getting dirt bikes for kids simply because they do not think that an electric dirt bike can be powerful enough to hurt their kids. Truth is that the larger MX650 can actually notch up over 20mph. When adults get scratches and bruises at 20mph, what stops a child from breaking a few bones? Always ensure that your kid has got the right protective gear. This includes dirt bike helmets for kids, knee and elbow guards, bodysuits, riding boots, goggles, and gloves.


Once, you have got the bike, gear and your kid ready to learn dirt biking, it is time to let them start their learning experience. Just remember to let them learn at their own pace. Do not hurry them along or irk them to learn faster. Some are fast learners and others are clumsy with their body coordination. Be patient and soon your kid will be riding big time.

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