Pocket Mini Bike

People are of different opinion where pocket mini bikes are concerned. A pocket rocket mini bike is considered safe by some and a death machine by others. Some are even of the opinion that these mini rockets should be banned. But still these motorbikes are being sold like hot cakes and the supply is always limited.

What are these mini pocket bikes about?

These mini bikes are really small as the name suggests. They are a miniature of a regular street bike. If you are driving even a small sports car and someone is riding a mini pocket rocket behind you, you won’t be able to see him or the motorbike. So you can imagine its small size. But those who have ridden them say that they are really excited to ride and look sleek as well.

These bikes come in either gas or electric. The electric version has rechargeable batteries. They are designed with powerful wheels for all the thrills and turns for you to experience when you’re riding.

How safe are these bikes?

Experts are of the opinion that these pocket rockets are not fit for highways or high traffic zones. The rider can have the misfortune of being ridden over by a truck or van – it’s that small. Parents are always advised not to buy these pocket bikes for their kids. It may look like a child’s play toy but it’s not.

These pocket rockets are designed for racetracks but the places where these pocket bikes are being sold – most of them don’t have a racetrack. So the buyers have no other choice than to take their precious bikes on the road thus risking their lives.

Safety measures for pocket rocket bike riders

Steer these bikes away from your kids. Make sure the person is an expert rider with proper riding gear like helmet and pads. If your kid is riding it make sure he stays on your backyard or within your driveway. Keep an eye on them when they are riding. Parental supervision is highly advised.



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